Use and integration of Go-RFID solutions

Fields of application and use of RFID technologies

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Problems solving:

Automated identification

Automated identification and  search

Operational warehouse accounting

Operative accounting of quantity and presence

Trace tracking

Objects movement tracking at warehouses and between them

Warehouse operations

Automation of warehouse accounting and  operations

Work control

Control of fulfilling of repair and maintenance works

How does it work?

  • RFID-tag is mounted on the object.
  • The chip contains unique number – identificator (ID) which is assigned to the instance and uploads to the database.
  • Employee performs non-contact search with RFID reader, which recognizes ID tags.
  • Special Software defines unique number in the base and transfer initial data to the accounting system.
  • All required information is availible via mobile application or web-client on the screen of supported device.

Primary functions of Go-RFID

Inventory assets

Inventory of main assets and e-passport of the assets

Automated warehouse accounting

Warehouse accounting and assets tracking control

Repair history

Service and history of plant maintenance

Go-RFID use

Web-service for fast search, non-contact identification, e-certification, accounting and control of an industrial facilitys lifecycle.

Automated RFID inventory

100% accounting anytime

Inventory Go-RFIDWith manual RFID reader or industrial RFID tablet are matching factual data with data in the accounting system or ERP: presence and condition of the assets in a current time.

Until inventory is not performed instances do not participate in other operations. There is data and time of inventory, number of incoming document for a current data with addition of comments. Status of the object and his activity is depicted by color indicator.

Go-RFID implementation benefits

All information

Authenticity of information and data protection from falsification


Mistakes of manual input and human factor influence


100% current and up-to-date information.
Automated input of inventory number

Quick search

Operative inventory with minimum costs


High labor intensity, that influenced  production cycle and working process


United control of production process withuot hold-up of the enterprise

Protection against losses RFID

Protection from losts and embezzlement


Possible cases of embezzlement and carring the equipment out of the enterprise territory


Acceptance accounting, clearing for  operation, shipping and coming back to the warehouse, providing repair, writing-off and objects operation history

Operative reporting

Real-time accounting online


Unreliable presence, regrading and date of perfoming information


Forming inventory accountings with latest and current data

Efficiency of equipment

Fully use of equipments lifetime


In order to maintenance checkup writing-off an equipment which is not used fully its lifetime


Effective equipment exploitation, cost-cutting, increase of floating assets

E-passport formation

Wear factor control and certification of technological parameter


Diagnostics and definition of factors of equipments working capacity without parameters of elements condition


Cost optimisation for equipment keeping, control at each stage of maintenance and repair during all lifecycle

Go-RFID solutions

Our task is — to configure and implement identification system so that prosess of item’s data collection became easier and clearer and accounting became real time source of data helpfull for strategical decisions.

Server solution
Enterprise solution

Developed for govermental and big-scaled companies with complex organisation structure and  high security level demands.

Go-RFID software sets at costumer’s server in place or integrates to accounting system.

Solution cost
Estimates individually
  • «Warehouse accounting» module
  • «Inventory» module
  • «Technical service and repair operations» module
  • «E-passport» module
  • Go-RFID web-client license
  • Go-RFID mobile application
  • Tech-support (SLA) from 15% depends of license cost
SaaS solution
Cloud solution (SaaS)

For companies of small and middle scale. Data exchange runs at leased servers  provided by us with transfer protocol protection

Go-RFID Server license purchasing monthly  depending on reserved volume of data for each user individually.

Solution cost
from 489 $/mo.
  • «Warehouse accounting» module
  • «Inventory» module
  • «E-passport» module
  • Go-RFID web-client license
  • Go-RFID mobile application
  • Tech-support (SLA) from 15% depends of license cost


Specifies during project discussion

Hardware RFID

Standart set of RFID equipment for accepting, reading and processing of the signal from the tag.

Customization of sofrware package

Working out of the concept and designing of a future RFID system, definition of necessity of integration with other software and also adaptation for current problem.

Implementation of RFID

Shipping and assembling of the equipment, pre-commissioning activities, configuration and launching of the system to the exploitation are included in the package.

Learning Go-RFID

Company provides resident training of a group or via Go-Learn complex. If necessery – remote consultations at the working places, including technical support.