Automated control of a textile goods lifecycle (“Lindstrom”, Saint-Petersburg)

Логотип Линдстрем-СПб проект
Customer: “Lindstrom” (Saint-Petersburg).
Sphere: Finnish global supplier of rental and industrial cleaning services for working clothes and lobby carpets.
Project: Automated control of a textile goods lifecycl.
Solution:Software as a service.

Задачи проекта:

  1. Marking of a working clothes withRFID tags.
  2. Automation of inventory and accounting.
  3. Ligistics operations control.
  4. Textile lifecycle tracking.
  5. Automated accounting for a client.
  6. Control of clothes shipping and acceptance.
  7. Tracking of balances in a real time mode.

Requirements to theRFID tags are defined by customer. They should:

  • Carry a load of over 200 laundry cycles.
  • Carry an influence of chemical species, heating and rapid range of temperature.
  • Carry a temperature +90°C/15 minutes/ 200 cycles, shorttime temperatures up to +200°C.
  • Data reading from large number of tags simultaneously.

Project implemetation:

At the bottom of usage is an “Inventory” module and e-passport of the equipment according to SaaS model. Go-RFID server is envolved in a cloud and available via Internet according to the module required and a number of licences.

  • Go-RFID mobile application for operation performing:
    • recording of RFID tags;
    • scanning and identification of items of clothes;
    • shipping and acceptance of clothes.
    • ligistics operations accounting.
  • Project equipment: Mobile RFID readers for writing the information and clothes movement tracking:
  • Stationary RFID reader FEIG is meant to tags identification and transfer of the achieved information to the server. The main advantage is huge signal power that allows trouble-free reading large number of tags simultaneously.
  • For every item creating own e-passport pegged to the certain identificator.

As a result:

  • Acceptance and shipping of tagging clothes runs automaticly in real-time mode. Operator is able to see acceptance results in a system. Information about accepted clothes storages in the system and used in the following for matching while shipping.
  • Extra control on place of acceptance/shipment. Delivery driver equiped by mobile RFID reader. At acceptance or shipping of tagged clothes, delivery driver scanns clothes and provide client with current quantity of clothes. All operations are fixed in the system with capability of achieving required information about them.
  • Including of disputs after acceptance/shippment. Creation of the performed operations accounting for all required parameters in any convenient form.
  • Prevention of cases of clothes losess while service and also excluding of shipping mistakenly. Go-RFID system allows to control order picking in a real-time mode and in case of a mistake to inform operator about it.
  • Lifecycle control. Organisation of more detailed accounting of clothes turnover. Reduction of human factor influence and RFID accounting itself becoming clearer and more convenient.