RFID printers

Intended for coding of radio friquency labels of omnifarious scales and printing on the radiotags surface text and graphical information. With its help on the RFID-tags are written unique numbers which in future are assinged to the accounting objects.

RFID printer Zebra RZ400

RFID printer Zebra RZ400
  • Device purpose: Print / Encoding RFID labels
  • Type: Resin thermal transfer
  • Printing resolution: 203 dpi
  • Corpus device: Metal
  • Weight: 15 kg
Industrial high-performance RFID printer with a label encoder and support for ultra-high frequency (UHF) radio frequency identification module.
3 133 $

  RFID printer usage

In the majority of cases it is meant to coding radiofrequency tags of any sizes and exerliorly printing of the tags of text and graphic information. With its help on the RFID-tags are writing unique numbers which in the following are set to the accounting objects.

Printer is recommended to use in the following ways:

  • If amount of accounting objects is continuously changing.
  • If requered larjer number of RF tags.

Good RFID-printer has intuitive interface, numeric control and a wide range of tag printing parameters. Supports popular encoding standarts and to be universal for the majority of manufactures.

  How to choose the RFID printer?

Choosing RFID tag printer you should consider:

  • Supported standart of RFID-tags and printing, for instance EPC Global Gen.
  • Relevant to the region frequency range UHF.
  • Way of printing of the tags (thermoprinting or iron-on transfer method of printing).
  • The size of the rolls of labels and the possibility of their installation in the printing device.
  • Presence of automatic cut-offs and separators of sticker-tags.
  • Possible interfaces of devices – IEEE, USB, Ethernet, Wi-Fi, RS-XXX.
  • Tags positioning in the print engine.
Enterprise solution
Enterprise solution

Developed for govermental and big-scaled companies with complex organisation structure and  high security level demands.

Go-RFID software sets at costumer’s server in place or integrates to accounting system.

SaaS solution
Cloud solution (SaaS)

For companies of small and middle scale. Data exchange runs at leased servers  provided by us with transfer protocol protection

Go-RFID Server license purchasing monthly  depending on reserved volume of data for each user individually.