RFID identification of working clothes (“Lindstrom”, Moscow)

Логотип Линдстрем-Москва проект
Customer: “Lindstrom” (Moscow city).
Sphere: Finnish global supplier of rental and industrial cleaning services for working clothes and lobby carpets.
Project: RFID identification and accounting of working clothes.
Solution:Software as a service.

Project tasks:

  1. Marking of a working clothes with RFID tags.
  2. Provide inventory of lot of clotes (4 000 pcs.) pegged to microchip ID.
  3. Define the technology of RFID tags mounting on the equipment.
  4. Match EPC-code, written to the microchip with barcode from Solar laundrys management system.

Requirements to RFID tags are set by customer. It should:

  • Carry a load of over 200 laundry cycles.
  • Carry an influence of chemical species, heating and rapid range of temperature.
  • Carry a temperature +90°C/15 minutes/ 200 cycles, shorttime temperatures up to +200°C.
  • Data reading from large number of tags simultaneously.

Project implemetation:

At the bottom of usage is an “Inventory” module and e-passport of the equipment according to SaaS model. Go-RFID server is envolved in a cloud and available via Internet according to the module required and a number of licences.

  • Go-RFID mobile application for operation performing:
    • recording of RFID tags;
    • scanning and identification of items of clothes;
    • shipping and acceptance of clothes.
  • Equipment for data recording on the tag, tracking of movement of clothes and textile tagging:

Via Web-client if performed import of the data from Solar system and generation of the operations of clothes tagging with manual reader.

Mobile application Go-RFID is used for fulfilling of clothes tagging by microdevices and pegging them with the barcode of current clothes from laundrys management system Solar.

After code recording from the system exports an accounting in Excel format to matching barcode and RFID-tag code.

As a result:

  • performed an inventory of clothes;
  • performed an accounting of clothes according to barcode and ЕРС-code matching;
  • eliminated a regrading of clothes.