Go-RFID: radio frequency identification system

Company's developments of RFID processes management

Base software complex

Go-RFID is based on set of open system principles, client-service architecture and modularism. The prosuct is a set of modules and specific clients.

As a result the main processing load falls to the server and users achive an access to all functional opportunities via software (Go-RFID Web) or mobile application (Go-RFID Mobile) from any place.

  • Automated identification and search of the objects
  • Modular software with wide functional
  • Opportunity to adapt system for the problem given
  • Hand-held and stationary equipment
  • Anytime online access from any device
  • Client’s adaptive interface
  • Cross-browser
  • Licensed software
Mobile app
Go-RFID Mobile
  • OC Android mobile application
  • Data recording and marking with RFID-tag in place
  • Item search and tag review
  • Creation and management of warehouse
  • Reconciliation of actual and accounting balances
  • Handle and on time synchronization
  • Envisaged offline working condition
Available in Google Play

Competative access license to the server is required
It is purchased  according to the number of users, and depends on selected cooperative pattern and set of modules for industry-based problems solution.

Go-RFID system opportunities

Automated identification and search
Automated identification and search
Simplify and speed-up operative tasks
  • Fast search and non-contact identification
  • Automated registration and accounting of the object
  • Authenticity verification
  • Object certification with data fixing
  • Tracking of inspective and repair history
Automated inventory
Automated inventory
100% current control
  • Fast and current RFID inventory any time
  • Automated insert of ID number
  • Accounting and location detection of the objects
  • Inventory performing without holding-up
  • Inventory centralized management
  • Data falsify protection at the enterprise
Maintenance plant
Maintenance plant
All history, timescales and performance of repair on one RFID tag
  • Control and accounting of repair performance
  • Repair timescales forecasting
  • Repair notification
  • Creation of repair e-claim
  • Pegging e-claim with the equipment
  • Repair claim processing and sending of a report
  • Spare parts display configuration
  • File overviewing in the repair history
E-certification of the objects
E-certification of the objects
Only important and required information
  • Working condition, damage and repair certification
  • Planned lifetime and breakdown
  • Components specification from the base according to the tag number
  • Necessary files pegging with the e-passport
  • Assets lifecycle control
  • Pointing out of measurement, dynamic and other parameters
Remote monitoring and online accounting
Remote monitoring and online accounting
Fast and necessary accounting any time any way
  • Forming and overview of the accounting in .xlsx and .pdf format
  • Remote operations monitoring from any device
  • Data authenticity in accounting system
  • Operations registration with saving of history
  • Flexible functions configuration via access control
Objects movement tracking
Objects movement tracking
Labor organization efficiency and safety guarantee
  • Labor organization efficiency and safety guaranty
  • Event registration and automated access control
  • On-place detection of objects location
  • Identification of current object
  • Carrying-in and carrying-out time fixation
  • Objects movement tracking considering route sheet
Platform multi-technology
Platform multi-technology
Extended capabilities of tracking and identification
  • Working with barcode and QR-code
  • RTLS support (Real-time Locating Systems)
  • Project realization via UWB, BLE and Wi-Fi
  • GPS and GSM monitoring
  • Architecture customizing and adaptation for IoT
  • Multi-language system
Objects E-base
Objects E-base
Centralized access to actual information
  • Forming and carrying of equipment base
  • Instance data Online
  • Reliable centralized server Online
  • United workspace between producer and customer
  • Materials and equipment movement tracking
  • Fast parts selection
  • Private access rights of the employees via web-client
Scalable and cross-platform solution
Scalable and cross-platform solution
Adaptive software
  • Modular software architecture
  • Adaptive interface of a mobile applications
  • Huge transaction volume processing
  • Integration in the database and accounting systems of the customer (1С, SAP, Oracle)
  • System customization for customers business processes
  • Compatibility with tagging devices systems as ОС Android
Object specification by user parameters
Object specification by user parameters
Correct accounting data in any measures
  • Structured system directions
  • Setting of measure
  • Filtration by parameters
  • Integrated mechanism of a context search
  • Extra parameters editing
  • Organizational and geographical parameters management

Our solutions

Corporate local service
Enterprise solution

Developed for govermental and big-scaled companies with complex organisation structure and  high security level demands.

Go-RFID software sets at costumer’s server in place or integrates to accounting system.

Server hardware:

  • processor – Intel Core i5-4440
  • short term memory – 8GB PC3-12800
  • RAID-controller connected with at least 2 devices
  • hard disk drive – SATA 3, 7200 rev/min, 500 Gb, 2, set in RAID-1
  • wired network from 100 Мbit/sec


  • VMware ESXi 5.0

Configuration settings:

  • network parameters (IP-adress, IP-adress of the gateway, netmask)
  • domain name
Cloud solution (SaaS)

For companies of small and middle scale. Data exchange runs at leased servers  provided by us with transfer protocol protection

Go-RFID Server license purchasing monthly  depending on reserved volume of data for each user individually.


  • Internet connection with speed at least 2 Mbit/sec
  • Remote access to the server via SSH gateway
  • Up to date edition of well-known Web-browser