Confidentiality Policy

Current Confidentiality Policy of personal data (hereinafter called as Confidentiality) operates concerning all data that Go-RFID may assume from User via web-site “Go-RFID” and use of software and products of web-site “Go-RFID” represented at official domains “”.

  1. Terms definition.
    1. Current Confidentiality operates the following terms:
      1. “Local Authoriries of “Go-RFID” (hereinafter – Local Authorities)”, that organise and (or) performes personal data processing and defines aims of processing, contain of personal data to process, operations performed under personal data.
      2. “Personal data” – any information any way relating to the defined person (subject of personl data).
      3. “Personal data processing” – any action (operation) or a body of actions (operations) performed with automation assets or without such assets with personal data, including collection, recording, systematization, storage, itemisation (update), extract, use, transfer (spread, providing, access, depersonalisation, block, abolish of personal data.
      4. “Personal data confidentiality” – must to consider for Operator or any other person possessed access to the personal data requirement not to permit its expansion without personal data subjects agreement or presence of other legal purpose.
      5. “Web-site user (hereinafter – User)” – person possesses access to the Site via Internet and using the Site.
      6. “Cookies” — a tiny part of data sent by web-server, and stored on user’s computer that web-client or web-browser sends every time to the web-server in the HTTP-request as the attempt to open current page of the Site appears.
      7. “IP-addres” — unique net addres of the gate in the computer network build via IP protocol.
  2. General points.
    1. Use of the site by the User determinates agreement with current Confidentiality and terms of User personal data processing.
    2. In case of disagreement with terms of Confidentiality User must stop using the Site.
    3. Curret Confidentiality is related only to the Site. Local Authorities do not controll and do not liable for the third party Sites which User may transfer to by the links availible on the Site.
    4. Locl Authorities do not check relyability of personal data provided by the User of the Site.
  3. Confidentiality subject.
    1. Current Confidentiality states the liabilities of Local Authorities concerning nondisclosure and providing protection to confideniality of personal data which user provides as a response to Local Authorities demand at registration on the Site or ordering a Product.
    2. Personal data permitted to process within the framework of current Confidentiality provided by the User via filling up the registration form at the Site “” and includes the followeing information:
      1. Name and Surname of the User;
      2. Mobile number of the User;
      3. E-mail;
      4. Geo reference of the User.
    3. Web-site protects the Data which are automatically transfers via overview of advertising blocks and visiting the pages on which is set the statistical scrypt “pixel”:
      1. IP addres;
      2. Cookies;
      3. Information about browser (or other program providing access to the overview);
      4. Time of access;
      5. Addres of the page contains the advertasing block;
      6. Referer (addres of the previous page).
    4. Abolish of cookies may lead to impossibility of the access to those parts of the site which requires authorisation.
    5. Web-site performes collection of the statistic about visitors IP-addresses. Current information used with the purpose of detection and solving of technological problems, for control of law of performing payments.
    6. Any personal information not mentioned foresaid (purchase history, used browsers and program software etc.) come under relyable storing and nondisclosure excluding cases mentioned in the points 5.2 and 5.3 of current Confidentiality.
  4. Purposes of personal data collection.
    1. Personal data of the User Local Authorities may use in following cases:
      1. Identification of user authorised on the site for ordering and (or) negotiating a sales contract remotely.
      2. Providing User with the access to the personolized resources of the Site.
      3. Setting the feedback with the User including notifications, requirements concerning use of Site, service, procesing of the orders and demands of the User.
      4. Location identification for providing safety, preventing of swindling.
      5. Verification of authority enterity of personal data provided by User.
      6. Creation of account for purchasing if User gave his permission.
      7. Ntification of the User about Order condition.
      8. Processing and assuming of the payments, confirmition of the the tax, contestation of the payment, defenition of right of having a bank line by User.
      9. Providing User with efficient client and technical support as appearence of the problems concerning Site useage.
      10. Providing User with his permission updates of the product, special offers, pricing information, news mailout and other information on behalf of the Site or Sites partners.
      11. Performing of advertising activity with the permission of the User.
      12. Providing User with the access to the Sites or services of Sites partners with a purpose of assuming products, updates and services.
  5. Ways and approaches of personal information processing.
    1. Processing of Users personal data performes without time limit, in any legal way, including the informational systems of the personal data with or without automation assets use.
    2. User permites Local Authorities right of personal data delegation to the third parties including delivery servecies, mail service providers, telecomunication operators only with the purpose of performing a Users order made via the Site including the delivery.
    3. Personal data of the User may be given to the competent authority of Russian Federation only according to the terms set by the law of Russian Federation.
    4. In case of loss or dissamination of personal data Local Authority informes User about loss or dissamination of personal data.
    5. Local Authoruty performes required organizational and technical actions to protect personal data from illegal or accidental access, abolish, change, block, copy, publication and other illegal actions of third parties.
    6. Local Authorities co-operatively with User performes all required actions to pretend losses or any other negative consequences lead by loss or dissamination of Users personal data.
  6. Warrenties.
    1. User must:
      1. Provide with information about personal data, required for usage of “Go-RFID” Site.
      2. Update, add given information about personal data in case of change of current information.
    2. Local Authority must:
      1. Use assumed information only with the purpose mentioned in issue 4 of current Confidentiality.
      2. Provide storage of confidentional data in a secret, do not dissaminate without pre-transaction letter of consent and additionaly do not perform a sale, exchange, publication or dissamination in any possible way the Users personal data excluding issues 5.2 and 5.3 of a current Confidentiality.
      3. Perform an actions to protect confidentiality of Users personal data according to the terms usualy used for protection of such information in a current business.
      4. Perform blocking of personal data related to conformable User from the moment of User or his legal representative or competente authority apply on a period of check. In case of identification of incorrect personal data or illegal operations.
  7. Parties liability.
    1. Local Authority have not met their liabilities takes responsability for User losses concerning illegal use of personal dataconformable with current legeslation of Russian Federation excluding issues mentioned in 5.2., 5.3. and 7.2. of current Confidentiality.
    2. In case of Confidential data loss or dissemination Local Authorities do not take responsibility if current information:
      1. Became public before its loss or dessemination.
      2. Was got from third party before it was assumed by Local Authorities.
      3. Was desseminated according to Users agreement.
  8. Conflict resolution.
    1. Before applying to the court with a suit appeared from relationships between User of “Go-RFID” Site and Local Authorities general is to set up adefence (written suggestion of a willful conflict resolution).
    2. Accepter of a claim in 30 calendar days from the acception in written form informes applicant party about results of processing the claim.
    3. If reaching agreement becomes impossible conflict would be delegated to the court of arbitration of Saint-Peterburg and Liningrad Oblast’ conformably with current legeslation of Russian Federation.
    4. Current Confidentiality and relationships between User and Local Authorities governs by current legeslation of Russian Federation.
  9. Additionals.
    1. Local Authorities possess a right to correct current confidentiality without Users agreement.
    2. New Confideniality takes into action from the moment of its placing on the Site “Go-RFID” if other is not mentioned in new Confidentiality.
    3. All suggestions and questiones concerning current Confidentiality should be sent by email:
    4. Current Confidentiality is placed on the page with addres: