Go-Base: data system

Unified web-portal of industrial equipment

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Assets control service

A base of industrial tools for e-passporting and lifecycle control of the equipment using non-contact identification – RFID-tags. All numenclature data is held centrally, with flexible classification and actual manuals functional support.

Marking objects
1-st step
(Mount) the tag

RFID-tag is mounted on the equipment and possesses the unic ID, which is automatically registrated in the system. Coded data is recorded on the tag with the help of Go-RFID mobile application, which includes working Offline.

Identification of object
2-nd step
Object identification

RFID-reader scans tagged equipment to detect an ID whereby runs identification. In Go-RFID is creating an e-psaaport of the equipment, which is linked with the certain item given. Synchronization with the server runs only Online.

Online base
3-rd step
Online-accsess via Go-Base

Data is acceptable in a real time with saving in your on-place system. It may be stored in Go-RFID or be intagrated with Oracle, SAP and other consumers ERP-systems based on web-technologies with developed assignment of access privilages.

Current position information
4-th step
Single point of management

Each equipment item has data contains repair and servicing history, maintenance work effort composition, drop data and working lifespan, availability of spare parts etc. To the e-passportare uploaded rights, manuals, supervisory records, reports and photos.

 Data is stored on the server up to 3 months, using Go-RFID, ERP or WMS, accounting data is stored on-place and uploaded automatically via portal. In case of no Go-Base portal usage fee paid, data will be deleted after 3 months.

The system is already appreciated by:

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  Manufacturer’s advantages:

  • Interconnection with consumer in integrated e-system
  • Individual e-passport for each item of the equipment
  • Simplified process of transfering companion documentation
  • Forecasting of the real-time repair, servicing or renewal of the equipment
  • Growth of service quality and planning efficiency
  • Accreditation and access to work for service companies
  • Automated internal process due to RFID technology
  • Extra competative advantage in tender supplies

  Retailer’s avantages

  • Access to the e-baseat the searching and purchasing stages
  • Current documentation for each item of the equipment from the production
  • Automated inventory and warehouse accounteing
  • Control and managing of the equipment lifecycle
  • Control of preventive maintenance
  • Automated production and shipping logistics
  • Authenticity verification and counterfeit exception
  • Fast search and selection of spare parts and components

Go-Base rates

Service cost depends on volume of uploaded data and mobile application with RFID-readers users amount.

The cost of the minimum package


Price of the solution
from 595 $/mo.
  • 20 Gb of cloud dataspace
  • Go-Base connection license
  • Go-RFID mobile application
The cost of the optimum package


Price of the solution
from 695 $/mo.
  • 30 Gb of cloud dataspace
  • Go-Base connection license
  • Go-RFID mobile application
The cost of the widing package


Price of the solution
from 795 $/mo.
  • Up to 50 Gb of cloud dataspace
  • More then 1 Go-Base license
  • Go-RFID mobile application
  • Extra 10 Gb dataspace price – 95 $/mo.

Equipment for identification

Hard-cased tag Go-RFID Nautilus-3

Hard-cased tag Go-RFID Nautilus-3
  • Power supply: Passive
  • Operational frequency: UHF
  • Read range: To 1,5 m
  • Execution type: Corpus-based
  • Minimum order quantity: 20 pcs
An RFID tag for oil and gas drill pipes. Features: light in weight, rugged cased, compact dimensions and mounting in metal.
15 $

RFID antenna GR 310С

RFID antenna GR 310С
  • Frequency range: UHF
  • Gain: 7-7,4 dB
  • Water tightness: IP67
  • Radome material: ABS plastic
  • Weight: 0,6 kg
UHF RFID antenna, increased reading range, a universal solution for industrial enterprises. Compatible with all RFID readers.
180 $

RFID tablet Senter ST907 W-HG+E

RFID tablet Senter ST907 W-HG+E
  • Operating system: Android 4.4
  • RAM: 2 Gb
  • Industrial Protection Grade: IP67
  • RFID scanner: 4-6 m
  • Battery capacity: 7200 mAh
Industrial RFID reader on the OS Android platform with an increased class of protection against mechanical influences and dust and moisture ingress. RFID-module is included in the package.
1 120 $