Go-RFID: Cloud solution (SaaS)

Ready-use typical RFID solutions at reasonable price our servers lease

Ready-use cloud SaaS solution for 2 months at 489 $/mo.

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When is the SaaS solution used?

If your organisation requires:

Box solution

ready-made solution for the task given with cost cutting on equipment and software update


implemention operational efficiency in  configuration of the identification system is required

Without an enterprise server

requirements of software setting at the enterprise server are not vital

Minimizing costs

it is important to minimise costs related to creation and  support of RFID-system

Solution’s special aspects

  • The price

    100% data is on your server!
    • Minimum costs related to RFID system launch
    • Public cloud solution with rent of our servers, processing and storage of the data from 20 Gb
    • Savings on equipment’s rent and maintenance
    • reasonable rate with monthly fee
  • Convenience and efficiency

    Wide range of functions and oportynities
    • Maintenance of the server — is our concern!
    • A typical ready-made solution
    • The performance of the server on the provider side.
    • Automated update
    • Real time technical support
  • Relevance and safety

    RFID system a new level
    • All information is protected and reliable!
    • Database back-up
    • Acess control on user level
    • Data transfer protocol secure



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