Go-RFID: Enterprse solution

Manage RFID data and accounting easy and safely at your server

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When is enterprise solution used?

If in your company is:

Industrial security

High level of the IT-safety at the enterprise

In-house network

A demand of software spreading to all own corporate network


Required fully self control at all information and functional of the system

Special aspects

  • Safety and relyability

    100% data is at your server!
    • Manage your data at the isolated servers in your on place network
    • Authorisation via AD/LDAP-server of a consumer
    • Automated daily back-up and handle back-up at any time
    • The differentiation of access rights for different groups of users to data, functional and reports
  • Relevance and mobility

    Wided range of functions and capabilities
    • Automated update
    • Flaxible managing configurations via access levels
    • Device data dividing into warehouses, companies, departments and branches.
  • Maintaining and technical support

    RFID system a new level
    • Design, development, commissioning and adjustment
    • Implemention and fast adaptation of the solution for each consumer
    • Technical support and teaching, witch includes distal one.



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