Automation of identification and accounting of shipped goods (“StroyTranceNefteGaz”)

Логотип СтройТрансНефтеГаз проект
Customer: AO “StroyTranceNefteGaz”.
Sphere: One of the leading construction company in Russia. The key fields of company concern are – designing, supplying, equipment shipment, assets providing, constructing, reconstructin, repair and maintainence support in oil-gas industry.
Project: Quality control and forecasting of logistics operations of an equipment from producer to the operating floor.
Solution: Software as a service (SaaS).

Project tasks:

  1. Automation of identification and accounting of shipped goods.
  2. RFID automation of warehouse accounting and equipment inventory.
  3. Accounting of a logistics operations.
  4. Automation of an equipment movment tracking from producer to the operating floor.
  5. Creation of a centralized e-base of the equipment pegged to the unique RFID identificator.
  6. Lifecycle control of the equipment.
  7. Automation of accounting.

Solution implementation.

Purchasing and use of «Warehouse accounting» mobule according to SaaS model.

As a result:

  • Required information about aquipment is storaging in a one place.

    For each equipment item is created own e-passport with all required information. Each system user finds needed equipment, operatively accepts information about this equipment, tracking equipment lifecycle.

  • Permanent assets movement tracking reduced excessive purchases.

    Fast and easy is to track all assets suply chain. Warehouse employees forming claims or request for goods shipment are able to see presence, quantity and location in Online mode.

  • Vastly reduced quantity of incorrectly composed claims for purchasing of equipment.

    Employees operatively form accountings of warehouse balances to forecast purchases. Claims are composed correctly, taking into consideration balances and reserves and also movement of items. Assets status is tracking in a real time mode.

  • RFID-automation of warehouse accounting and inventory.

    Tracking of all warehouse operations. Information about warehouse balances and location is availible in an online mode. Operative forming of warehouse balances accounting at the moment of the inventory outswaps according to the last data. Due to a manual readers, matherials count takes a minutes.