RFID technology for accounting of oil production equipment (“TMS group”)

Логотип ТМС Групп проект
Customer: UK OOO “TMS group”.
Sphere: Service company, takes respected position on oilfield market in Tatarstan and Russian Federation. Deals with oilfield and drilling equipment for increasing of under-steam period and reduction of oil losses, appeared due to downtime as a result of equipment failure.
Project: Use of RFID technology for accounting of oil production equipment.
Solution: Enterprise (server).

Project tasks:

  1. Confirm capability of use of RFID technology for long-time exploited equipment in an agressive conditions (mechanical, temperature and chemical influence).
  2. Select an equipment by certain parameters for its exploitation in agressive conditions.
  3. Define the technology of mounting of RFID tags on the equipment.
  4. Automation of movement tracking from production to the final exploitation site.
  5. Evaluete equipments entirety after assembling of RFID-tags with computer simulation.
  6. Perform field tests of devices for the equipment during its exploitation in agressive enviroment and complex climate conditions.

Project implemention.

For each type of the equipment was seleted diffirent by the geometric parameters, technicals and exploitation species tags.

    Then was performed:
  • mathematical simulation – to define constructional modifications of tagged object;
  • front end engineering design – to work out technical solutions for zonation of technological devidions of repair and exploitation of tagged objects;

Finally, at the last stage was performed experimental investigations which allowed to define exploitation modes of identification objects. Trials was performed on drilling pipes and oilfield equipment of three wellsites NGDU “Almetneft” (AO “Tatneft”).

As a result:

Industrial trials confirmed a capability of using RFID technology and efficiency of data reading from tags and also relyability of tags mounting on the equipment. Field tests separated unconvenient species of models. Sutable species are recommended to industrial use.