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Intermec IV7
RFID reader on a forktruck

Primary specification

Honeywell, Inc.
Frequency range:
UHF (865-869 MHz)
Operating temperature:
-25°C to +55°C
Ingress Protection Rating (IP):
Dimensions (LхWхH):
95 х 236 х 343 mm
3,08 kg

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2 655 $


Reader of RFID-tags Intermec IV7 designed for use at the warehouse or acceptance point; indeed to mounting on the lift trucks, carts, trailers etc. Tags reading from accounting objects performs exactly simultaneously with movement, that allows to avoid manual scanning and reduce human factor influence on the identification process.

Intermec IV7 can be fixed anywhere on the vehicle at a distance of not more than 3.5 meters from the battery. The built-in DC Converter eliminates interference from the vehicle's power supply. Designed to operate in harsh industrial environments and meets IP65 protection rate.

Connects via serial port to the computer for Intermec CV60 vehicles. CV60 works as a local host for Intermec IV7 providing network management and network security. Communication with CV60 computer is carried out via RS232 port. In cast aluminum housing IV7 provided mounting holes and relief, allowing you to fix the device by bolts or fastening strings on almost any model of the forklift on the circuit Board ALBR.

External connection consists of 4 inputs and 4 outputs for monitoring and control of external devices, plus 4 inputs for antenna connection. The main software of the device interface RFID-reader with parameters of transmission of radio signal: 4 channels, 1W, 865MHz.

  Additional specification

Air Interfaces protocol:
EPC UHF Generation 2 (Gen 2), ISO 18000 6-b, EPC Class 1, Philips Version 1.19 Fairchild G1
RFID Frequency ranges:
915 MHz (US FCC), 865 MHz (ETSI 302-208), 869 MHz (ETSI 300-220)
Power supply:
Vehicle DC power 12 to 60V, 4.5 A maximum
10 to 90% non-condensing
Built-in RF antenna:
10 to 30 dBm, adjustable in 1 dBm calibrated increments
Enclosure material:
Impact resistance:
Water intrusion protection:

For fully-functional work required

RFID antenna GR 310СA

RFID antenna GR 310СA
  • Frequency range: UHF
  • Gain: 7-7,4 dB
  • Water tightness: IP67
  • Radome material: Polycarbonate
  • Weight: 0,6 kg
UHF RFID antenna made of high temperature polycarbonate with extended reading range. Can be used on assembly-line production and oil wells.
250 $

RFID antenna Intermec IA33D

RFID antenna Intermec IA33D
  • Frequency range: UHF
  • Gain: 6 dB
  • Water tightness: IP66
  • Radome material: Metal
  • Weight: 1,4 kg
Shock-resistant antenna specially designed for use on loaders inside warehouse and industrial premises.
610 $

Hard-cased tags Go-RFID Nautilus-2.1M

Hard-cased tags Go-RFID Nautilus-2.1M
  • Power supply: Passive
  • Operational frequency: UHF
  • Read range: 0,9 m
  • Execution type: Сorpus-based
  • Minimum order quantity: 20 pcs
High-temperature RFID-tag for working in harsh and hazardous environments. Withstands temperatures up to + 200 °C. Accounting objects: oil and gas pipes, including drill pipes, metal returnable packaging and products, wagons, wheel pairs, etc.
30 $

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