RFID antenna Intermec IA33D

RFID antennas
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Metallic antenna for RFID

Primary specification

Frequency range:
UHF (865-870 MHz)
50 Ohms
Max. input power:
10 W
6 dB
Circular, right
Dimensions (LхWхH):
196 x 196 x 25 mm
1,4 kg

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610 $


Circular polarized antenna Intermec IA33D designed specifically for use on forklifts. A unique, almost 100% metal construction for work in conditions of constant vibration and bumps. It is used in warehouses, hospitals, airports, cargo terminals and in conveyor production. Performance in terms of relative humidity without condensation 10 - 90%.

Available in two variants frequency standards - FCC or ETSI. The strength under shock: 50G, 8 MS, ½ sine, 5000 impulses each direction, each axis.

Антенны IA33D supplied complete with attachment to forklift truck. When installing these antennas, no additional drilling or welding is required - just fasten the antenna to the vehicle and get started.

  Additional specification

Voltage standing-wave ratio (VSWR):
Е 82°× Н 66°
Back-to-front ratio:
10 dB
Radome material:
Port count:
Operating temperature:
-25 to +55°C
Storage temperature:
-30 to +75°C (non-condensing)
Water tightness:
Mounting hardware:

For fully-functional work required

Fixed RFID reader Intermec IF61

Fixed RFID reader Intermec IF61
  • Frequency range: UHF (865, 869, 915 and 950 MHz)
  • Enclosure material: Aluminum
  • Ingress Protection Rating: IP54
  • Operation: Auto
  • Weight: 3,55 kg
Industrial RFID reader with Intel Celeron processor and a large amount of internal memory for the ability to work with RFID applications.
4 655 $

Dangling RFID reader Intermec IV7

Dangling RFID reader Intermec IV7
  • Frequency range: UHF (865-869 MHz)
  • Enclosure material: Aluminum
  • Ingress Protection Rating: IP65
  • Operation: Auto
  • Weight: 3,08 kg
The tag reading device, specially designed for installation on vehicles and operating automatically.
2 655 $

RFID tag on metal M-Shield Tag

RFID tag on metal M-Shield Tag
  • Power supply: Passive
  • Operational frequency: UHF
  • Read range: To 10 m
  • Execution type: Сorpus-based
  • Minimum order quantity: 100 pcs
High-frequency casing for metal surfaces of increased strength. It is fixed with screws or on an adhesive basis depending on operating conditions.

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