Hard-cased tag Go-RFID Gefest-1M

RFID tags
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Passive UHF tag for welding on a metal
Passive tag on a metal
Passive tags on a metal Geffest
Corpus tags for rail cars, containers and other metallic surfaces

Primary specification

Equipment, wagons, containers
Execution type:
Mounting type:
Welding, screw, bolt, rivet
Usage environment:
Corrosion environment
Power supply:
Operation frequency:
UHF (860-960 MHz)
Read range:
To 1 m
Minimum order quantity (MOQ):
20 pcs

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26 $


Current specie of passive tags carries shock loads and vibrations While long-time influence of high temperatures and aggressive environment. Carries high pressure and autoclave washings. Generally intended in oil and gas industry, tagging of tools and equipment, marking machines and equipment, railway service. Corpus made of stainless steel AISI 304. Able to carry maximum working temperature from -60 to +100ºС.

Assemble performs by welding on the instance or mounting by M4 crews or 4mm rivets. Range of correct reading defines of the metal up to 1m via mobile reader. On the metal up to 3 meters via stationary reader. Exploitation period is 100 000 cycles with the temperature of +25°С. Data storage on RFID tag 50 years.

  Additional specification

Device type:
EPC Class 1 Gen 2
Air interface protocol:
ISO/IEC 18000-6С
IC type:
Alien Higgs 3
EPC memory:
96 bit
TID memory:
64 bit
User memory:
512 bit
IP classification:
Read speed:
400 pcs/second
Operating temperature:
-30 до +85 ºС
Peak temperature:
-60 до +110 ºС
Useful life:
100 000 cycle
Dimensions (LхWхH):
ф 50 х 29 x 6 mm
54 g

For fully-functional work required

RFID antenna GR 310С

RFID antenna GR 310С
  • Frequency range: UHF
  • Gain: 7-7,4 dB
  • Water tightness: IP67
  • Radome material: ABS plastic
  • Weight: 0,6 kg
UHF RFID antenna, increased reading range, a universal solution for industrial enterprises. Compatible with all RFID readers.
180 $

RFID antenna GR 310СA

RFID antenna GR 310СA
  • Frequency range: UHF
  • Gain: 7-7,4 dB
  • Water tightness: IP67
  • Radome material: Polycarbonate
  • Weight: 0,6 kg
UHF RFID antenna made of high temperature polycarbonate with extended reading range. Can be used on assembly-line production and oil wells.
250 $

RFID tablet Senter ST907 W-HG+E

RFID tablet Senter ST907 W-HG+E
  • Operating system: Android 4.4
  • RAM: 2 Gb
  • Industrial Protection Grade: IP67
  • RFID scanner: 4-6 m
  • Battery capacity: 7200 mAh
Industrial RFID reader on the OS Android platform with an increased class of protection against mechanical influences and dust and moisture ingress. RFID-module is included in the package.
1 120 $

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