Case Go-RFID for industrial tablets

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Industrial tablet protection
Bag for industrial tablet
Tablet bag
Salt heater for case

Primary specification

Matte polyester
Add. insulation:
Salt warmer
450 g

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165 $


Case for industrial tablets Go-RFID provides reliable protection and safety in the conditions of low and high temperatures, sustains efficient work of the equipment and stable work while performing of operations related to identification in harsh conditions.

Nylon yarns included in the fabrics structure guarantees:

  • long-time fabrics exploitation period without characteristic losses,
  • immunity to straining and chemical substances impact,
  • increased immunity to abruption.

Polyvinyl-chloride coverage provides:

  • waterproof and water resistance,
  • use in high humidity conditions,
  • vast fabric firm.

Fabric meet the requirements ТР ТС 017/2011 «Safety of light industry products». Case possess a heater made of fabric "Izosoft". The outer layer of the insulation contributes to the preservation of heat and protects against ingress of cold air, which leads to the formation of a greenhouse effect inside the bag. Also it is equipped with a special warmer for emergency heating of the device at extreme temperatures up to -60⁰С. For ease of use tablet bag has a strong strap of sufficient length.

  Additional specification

For fully-functional work required

RFID tablet Senter ST907 W-HG+E

RFID tablet Senter ST907 W-HG+E
  • Operating system: Android 4.4
  • RAM: 2 Gb
  • Industrial Protection Grade: IP67
  • RFID scanner: 4-6 m
  • Battery capacity: 7200 mAh
Industrial RFID reader on the OS Android platform with an increased class of protection against mechanical influences and dust and moisture ingress. RFID-module is included in the package.
1 120 $

Hard-cased tags Go-RFID Nautilus-2.1M

Hard-cased tags Go-RFID Nautilus-2.1M
  • Power supply: Passive
  • Operational frequency: UHF
  • Read range: 0,9 m
  • Execution type: Сorpus-based
  • Minimum order quantity: 20 pcs
High-temperature RFID-tag for working in harsh and hazardous environments. Withstands temperatures up to + 200 °C. Accounting objects: oil and gas pipes, including drill pipes, metal returnable packaging and products, wagons, wheel pairs, etc.
30 $

Corpus tag Go-RFID Odyssey-1

Corpus tag Go-RFID Odyssey-1
  • Power supply: Passive
  • Operational frequency: UHF
  • Read range: To 2 м
  • Execution type: Сorpus-based
  • Minimum order quantity: 20 pcs
For the marking of industrial tools and equipment having in their composition components made of metals. For outdoor use and difficult conditions. Has a solid construction and provides maximum reliability and safety.
15 $

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