Software and hardware system Go-RFID

RFID system for identification, control and asset tracking.

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What is RFID?

Up-to-date technology of identification of automated control of presence and movement of accounting objects.

The data is remotely read from media (RFID tags) and transmited to the accounting system via RFID reader or a tablet.

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  • High speed of data reading and transfering
  • Quick search of RFID tags without line of site
  • Safety and privacy of the information
  • Reduce of human factor influence
  • Resistance to high pressures and temperatures
  • Alternative to other species of tagging

Radio Frequency Identification in industrial

Planning. Management. Control

Other systems

  • Objects accounting
  • Automated inventory
  • Automated recognition of accounting element
  • Offline and Online data reporting


Software-Hardware complex for data research and management

  • E-passport of the item
  • Equipment’s electronical base
  • Equipment’s lifecycle control
  • Remote identification of objects online
  • Repair history
  • Movement tracking via RTLS (Wi-Fi, BLE, UWB)
  • QR/barcode support
  • Ability of GPS and GSM implementing
  • Integration with 1С, SAP, Oracle

Go-RFID advantages

Go-RFID service
RFID comprehensive approach

Fully functional software and RFID equipment to carry out a project of any difficulty

Online-system Go-RFID

Access to all functions of RFID from anyway by any device, connected to the Net

Application for Android
Mobile application

Recording and and reading object’s data and it’s marking at the workplace (ОС Android)

Modularization platform
Open system architecture

Modular soft and implementation flexibility of RFID system reinforce actual set of tools with new ones

Core functions of Go-RFID

E-certification of the objects
E-certification of the objects
Only important and required information
  • Working condition, damage and repair certification
  • Planned lifetime and breakdown
  • Components specification from the base according to the tag number
  • Necessary files pegging with the e-passport
  • Assets lifecycle control
  • Pointing out of measurement, dynamic and other parameters
Platform multi-technology
Platform multi-technology
Extended capabilities of tracking and identification
  • Working with barcode and QR-code
  • RTLS support (Real-time Locating Systems)
  • Project realization via UWB, BLE and Wi-Fi
  • GPS and GSM monitoring
  • Architecture customizing and adaptation for IoT
  • Multi-language system
Scalable and cross-platform solution
Scalable and cross-platform solution
Adaptive software
  • Modular software architecture
  • Adaptive interface of a mobile applications
  • Huge transaction volume processing
  • Integration in the database and accounting systems of the customer (1С, SAP, Oracle)
  • System customization for customers business processes
  • Compatibility with tagging devices systems as ОС Android

Go-RFID solutions

Our task is — to configure and implement identification system so that prosess of item’s data collection became easier and clearer and accounting became real time source of data helpfull for strategical decisions.

Server solution
Enterprise solution

Developed for govermental and big-scaled companies with complex organisation structure and  high security level demands.

Go-RFID software sets at costumer’s server in place or integrates to accounting system.

Solution cost
Estimates individually
  • «Warehouse accounting» module
  • «Inventory» module
  • «Technical service and repair operations» module
  • «E-passport» module
  • Go-RFID web-client license
  • Go-RFID mobile application
  • Tech-support (SLA) from 15% depends of license cost
SaaS solution
Cloud solution (SaaS)

For companies of small and middle scale. Data exchange runs at leased servers  provided by us with transfer protocol protection

Go-RFID Server license purchasing monthly  depending on reserved volume of data for each user individually.

Solution cost
from 489 $/mo.
  • «Warehouse accounting» module
  • «Inventory» module
  • «E-passport» module
  • Go-RFID web-client license
  • Go-RFID mobile application
  • Tech-support (SLA) from 15% depends of license cost

Go-RFID benefits

Reduction of damages
Reduce of cost and losses

Reducing the risk of management mistakes and inaccuracies in all types of accounting, business prosess optimization due to helpful statistic, real time management of manufacturing prosess, the possibility of forgery is excluded.

Control territory
Control and safety at the enterprise territory

Movement of employees and supplies. Full information about condition and operating conditions of each item of the equipment. Automated access control.

Material and financial benefits
Reduce of financial and material expenses

Reducing labour expenses due to automation and decrease of human factor influence.

Effectve labour
Increase of labor productivity

The growth of employees and equipment productivity due to working hours regulation. Decrease of inbentory mistakes.

Process speed
Business prosess optimization

Prosesses of supplies acceptance and shipment, fulfilling routine operations and operational efficiency of data collecting are accelerated, reduce labour intensity of inventory and searching of objects demanded.

Competitive position
Reinforce of competability

Increases production release, product quality, profit.

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Best-performing cooperation proposal based on Go-RFID

  1. Consalting

    Research, working out feasibility study and providing Research and Advanced Development by perforce.

  2. Design and developing

    During design prosses of RFID-infrastructure and developing equipment of RFID system industrial specificity and specifies of manufacturing processes are taken into consideration.

  3. Implementation and integration

    Shipment and equipment assembly, pre-commissioning activities and tests of Go-RFID system, integration configure by perforce and launching.

  4. Adaptation

    During connection of RFID-system we provide its adaptation, taking into consideration business logic and consumer’s working prosess features, working-out accounts and output forms, and further apply to the technical support.

Invite to the cooperation

For equipment manufacturers

Create an e-passport of the equipment in the global base for manufacturers and consumers. Data contains info about items shipped to consumer or retailer and linked with unic RFID-tag code. Order and shipment become projected and timely.

For partnners
To the partners

Partnership program for system integrators and destination representative, software and RFID equipment suppliers. Having created a high-quality network of partners, we assist to the consumer’s operating activities productivity increase together, via implementation of up to date technologies of identification and authorisation.


Go-RFID at the international oil and gas exhibition ADIPEC 2017
From November 13-16, our company took part in the largest oil and gas exhibition ADIPEC, which took place in Abu Dhabi (UAE) in the team Of SKOLKOVO residents, under The auspices of the SKOLKOVO Innovation Fund.
How to choose RFID-tags?
What are the criteria for choosing the RFID tags required for your business, what functions to pay attention to, and what rules to adhere to maximum efficiency.
What is RFID?
Radio-frequency identification is a modern technology for identifying objects based on the use of radio-frequency electromagnetic radiation.
Patent on the RFID method for drill pipes and submersible equipment
At "Rospatent" was registered petent №2013142617/08 (065345) "Approach of radio-frequency identification of oil and gas equipment".